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We show our tiles at Epcot and at the different shows across the Southeast. Each ceramic tile is raised with a piping method.

Once the tile is set, each tile is handpainted and glazed for 24 hours at 1200 degrees.

The result is a magnificent, vivid tile that will be the centerpiece of anyone who views it.

Each raised tile is individually hand painted. The tile is then fired for 24 hours @ 1200 degrees that produces vivid, magnificent colors that are very vibrant. Since the tile is glazed and fired, the vibrant colors will never fade. The raised pattern actually produces a 3 D affect when light is shown on the tile. It is always the centerpiece of attention.

The tiles actually have a backing that has a hanger and a kick plate. This allows you have to have many uses for the tiles. Some of our customers display the tiles on a flat surface such as a mantel, bookshelf or dresser. Since the tile has a hanger, you can also hang the tile anywhere you desire such as a wall, behind the stove or where you want everyone to see your beautiful art piece.

The tiles are also heat protected and can be used as a decorative trivet.

Soak the tile in hot water and you can take the backing off the tile and actually embed the tile as a backsplash in the kitchen, behind the stove or even in the shower. Our customer imaginations are always coming up with unique ways to display the tiles.

Our tiles come from many different designs such as settings as nature senses, beach scenes, cats, flowers, birds, and other wildlife. Check out our Wine Designs – they are a big hit.

The raised tiles make great gift ideas because they are a practical gift and are very unique.

The tiles come in the following sizes and prices:
6 x 6 15.00
8 x 8 20.00
11 x 14 30.00

Email us your order at art@raisedtile.com and we will give your shipping cost to your location.

Call us at 407-644-2560 to place your order as well or if you have any questions on our raised tiles.

Thanks, RaisedTile.com
Step 1 - Draw tube line design
Step 2 - Transfer tube line design onto base tile
Step 3 - Base tile with tube line design
Step 4 Drawing Tube Lines
Step 5 Base Tile after drawing tube lines
Step 6 Painting with Glazes
Step 7 Tile after painting
Step 8 Heated in kiln - 24 hours 1500 degrees
Step 9 Finished tile to be hung up, stood up, trivet/coaster or embedded as a backsplash, behind the stove or in the shower.