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We show our raised, decorative tiles at Epcot.

Each tile is raised so it actually has a 3D affect when displayed.

Inexpensive, but will yet be the center of attention where ever you display it.

The tiles can be hung up, stood up, or even used as a trivet. They make great backsplashes too.

Our tiles come from many different designs such as nature scenes, beach scenes, cats, flowers, birds, and other wildlife. Check out our Wine Designs – they are a big hit.

The raised tiles make great gift ideas because they are a practical gift and are very unique.

The tiles come in the following sizes and prices:
6 x 6 - $15.00
8 x 8 - $20.00
11 x 14 - $30.00

Email us your order at art@raisedtile.com and we will give your shipping cost to your location.

Call us at 407-644-2560 to place your order as well or if you have any questions on our raised tiles.

Thanks, RaisedTile.com

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